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Be a BEAST in the Gym – A Warrior in Your Career!


I am so thankful I came across the man known as C-Roy in 2015.  He is a great trainer, leader, friend, mentor and inspiration.  I have written about this before (see under testimonials).  I have seen him train and inspire so many great people along the way.  However, what most people don’t know about ‘The Beast’ C-Roy, is that he left his job to build a career in fitness!  Yep, he took the ultimate jump in life of leaving his current job (with a steady income, benefits, and security) to create his own destiny in life. The one he wanted.

Damn, that is powerful!

I see many hard working, ass-kicking individuals in his gym, as well as lots of gym’s I have been to throughout my life.  However, it doesn’t really end there. I see people working hard at Yoga Studio’s, Self Defense classes, kick boxing studios, etc.  But something is missing.  I don’t see a lot of what I call warriors in business.  Warriors willing to do what C-Roy did! My definition of a warrior is different than most I guess.  My definition of a warrior is someone who gives everything they have everyday in the gym, at home, with their family, and in their Career!  I suppose I am writing this as a ‘call out’ in a way.  Whoever is reading this. I think it is time to dig deep and think.  Think about yourself.  Think about your career. Think about your goals. Think about your life.  Think about your future.  Ask yourself one question – truthfully, and honestly… ‘Am I a warrior in my Career?’  Notice I did not say job… It’s time to start a Career!!  No matter who you are.  No matter your age, experience or gender. We are all self-employed.  We are all the CEO’s of our own business! Think of your name and put LLC behind it, or CEO, or both!  JOHN SMITH LLC CEO. That sounds pretty good, right?  It doesn’t matter where you are getting your paycheck from. You control it, you own it – no one else. You are the CEO now. Even if you have been a W-2’d employee for the same company for the last 30 years; it’s time to flip that.  You are now a self-employed CEO. Make Sense?

I believe all of us are self-motivating, self-generating, money making machines. I don’t care who you are or what you went through, we all provide some uniqueness within. We all have strengths that can help one another.  We all need to go out and FIND IT.  A WARRIOR goes out and finds it! You have to dig deep from within, find your strength and do what C-Roy did! Go create a career! Even if it is a small, part-time side business created from a hobby. Trust me, there is more income to be made out there for all of us!  Maybe it is simply looking at your checkbook (balance sheet) and you simply need to budget correctly and start cutting expenses. ‘$5 starbucks really?’  That would certainly generate more income. Its time right now to go out and put the same intensity that I see all over in gym’s and apply it to your Career!  Work every day in your career (and in the gym) like your whole life depends on it…because guess what???  IT DOES!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘How do I start? What can I do?’.  Here are 6 tips to becoming a Warrior!  Start them right now!

Start Smiling

Do it now and wear it everywhere you go. No one likes to deal with someone who is negative.  Every time you enter a room. Smiling will bring that positive vibe.  You can feel the positive energy.

Talk to Everyone Around You

Engage.  Start really listing to people, understand them, help them! Give them something without anything in return.  Sound simple? Do it now!

Max Effort

Whatever you are doing right now, washing dishes, collecting garbage, I don’t care – give your best effort. Be the best that you can be.

Go Through Your Phone

Take time to go through your phone and reach out to an old friend, business contact, acquaintance, client or maybe even a family member.  Text them, call them, meet them for lunch; set something up and see how they are.  Put a smile on their face.


Think of your interests, hobbies or think of selling something. Think of starting a side business, make an effort to generate more income. Heck, look in your basement! Start an e-bay business or sell stuff on Facebook.  Toys, games, clothes, baseball cards –  sell it all.  Unlimited ways to create more income today! Remember, John Smith LLC CEO.

Butler Rules

My own self-made term, which means to DO MORE! Apply this to your entire life – in the gym if the prescribed reps are 10, you do 11 –  minimum.  Give your max effort and then some! In your career if you are prescribed to make 20 sales calls, you do 21 – minimum.   If you are doing yard work outside moving 10 large landscaping rocks, you do 11 –  or more. Always do more than what is asked of you.  Make it a lifestyle!


Be a BEAST In the gym and A WARRIOR in your Career!

You can do this



Mike Butler LLC, CEO

Steel Jacked City Alum

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