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The fitness industry is saturated with endless fad diets and workout regiments that promise everything from rock hard abs to endless energy. However, most of these things are merely magic tricks that never provide long lasting results.

There are two generalities that can always be made when it comes to your body and health and fitness. The first is, “if it comes fast, it leaves fast”. Most people are trying to make a change after years of abuse and treating their body like a dumpster. The changes you’re looking for will not come in 2 weeks. If they do, they will leave you twice as fast.

The second is, “if it comes easy, its not worth having.” If making the change to have a healthy body that looks good and feels good was easy, then why is 55% of our country obese? In this day in age, being fit and healthy makes you a minority; because its hard. It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment over a long period of time.

However, on that same note, there are some things that you can do today and reap immediate benefit. We can call this the low hanging fruit. Habits that can be implemented that will give you an immediate ROI.

Catch Those Z’s: Get 8-10 Hours of Sleep Every Night


When our lives get crazy, busy or stressful, sleep is always the first thing to get cut. However, few people realize the true benefit of sleep. It is your bodies time to recharge, repair and reset. Getting deep, restful sleep is crucial for quality energy the next day. It is also the bodies time to repair things that need to be repaired. In our deep stages of sleep, our body releases all kinds of hormones that help the body repair and rebuild damaged tissues. This is especially important for us gym goers looking for those mad GAINZ. There are few things as anabolic as 10 hours of deep restful sleep. It is also these same hormones that can also contribute to fat loss. Getting less than 6 hours of sleep has been shown to increase insulin resistance and mimic the environment of a pre-diabetic body. This causes your body to not properly utilize the nutrients you consume throughout the day. An important thing to keep in mind with sleep, is that it is a habitual process based on patterns. You must get into the HABIT of sleeping 8-10 hours EVERY night. I bold these words because they are important. It is a myth that you can cut sleep during the week and “catch up” on the weekends. If you want the full benefits of it, you need to make it a priority. We will post future blogs about how to optimize your sleep. The bottom line is this: JUST GET YOUR SLEEP!!! It doesn’t come any easier than that.

Don’t Let Your Mag Lag


Over the years, out of everything I have helped people with, there is one supplement recommendation that always gets them coming back a couple days later saying “WOW! I can’t believe the difference.” That supplement is magnesium. Magnesium is super important to the human body. First off it is one of the essential electrolytes. Secondly, it is used/assists in over 300 functions of the body – over 30 of which use it directly. That means that there are over 30 things your body cannot do without magnesium. The kicker is that over 80% of the US population is deficient in magnesium. Magnesium helps with mood, energy, muscle stiffness, sleep quality, calcium absorption, vitamin D utilization, the list goes on and on. You can get magnesium through your diet by eating dark, leafy green veggies or almonds amongst a few other things. You can also supplement with magnesium. My favorite supplement is Calm – Raspberry Lemonade flavor. DO NOT GET UNFLAVORED – you will vomit. You’re welcome. However, I have also started getting some magnesium through Epsom salt baths. Your skin is an excellent collector as it absorbs magnesium very efficiently. Soak in a bath loaded heavily with Epsom salt and you will sleep like a champ.

If You Wanna Be ALPHA – Get the OMEGA


This one should not come as a shock to anyone, however you’d be shocked at how many people still don’t get enough omega 3’s or fish oils in their diet. Those that do are unfortunately getting a terrible supplement from the shelves of Kroger or some local grocery store. Or eating farm raised fish that will raise their bodies inflammation as opposed to lowering it like its supposed to. I myself, am not a huge fish guy. I will eat some wild caught salmon from time to time, but its definitely not my favorite. For this reason, I supplement with a quality source of Omega 3/Fish oil. Omega 3/Fish Oils have been clinically shown to help reduce inflammation. Considering that inflammation is the starting point for all disease, you can see how important they can be. NOT TO MENTION, supplementing with high doses (as high as 40g/day) has been shown to help reduce body fat in highly overweight individuals. The benefits of Omega 3s and Fish Oil are nearly endless. In wanting to keep this post short, I could not get in to all of them. Just know that Omega 3s/Fish Oil is an absolute all star of a nutrient and needs to be a staple in your regiment.


I do not believe in quick fixes or miracle supplements that have the answers to all your problems. However, I do believe in making smart choices that have immediate positive impact on your health and wellness. Since you are on, I already assume that you are in the gym CRUSHING it, which is the number one most actionable step to improve your life. But the 3 things listed above not only make immediate impact, but they can be implemented RIGHT NOW and they are easy. If you aren’t already practicing the things mentioned in this post, then you need to check yourself. Because now you have the knowledge. A person who has the knowledge and refuses to act, is what we call an asshole. Don’t be an asshole.



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