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Michael Butler

I have spent most of my adult life bouncing from gym to gym, trainer to trainer, coach to coach....until I ran across the man known as C-Roy in 2014. Life changed instantly. He is the absolute best in the industry!! He will train your whole life- body, mind, soul!! His intensity is infectious and his knowledge is endless!! If your goal is to change your life, time to train with the absolute best!! He is the king of kings in the fitness industry!

-Health and Life Medicare Insurance Agent


I had a very specific goal in mind when I came to Chris: I wanted to get into military shape as I was planning on attending the United States Military Academy. Over the course of 3 months C-Roy helped me put on 15 pounds of functional muscle. He also instilled in me an internal drive which, looking back on this summer's basic training, I definitely needed. I think this is what Chris does best as he not only develops you physically but also mentally.

-West Point Cadet



Arin McClune

Chris performs more than personal training; he's a transformational mentor and coach. His training goes beyond the physical form and extends into the mental psyche. Chris's workouts are not exclusive to the muscle heads or those who wish to maintain their shape; they're for anyone seeking to improve their life holistically. Chris pays very close attention to detail and implements workouts unique to individual physiques. His exercise methodology and approach makes him stand out from the rest: compassionate, motivated, progressive and comprehensive.

I began training with Chris on an individual basis 5 years ago. Though arduous, his workouts are no comparison to what I experienced with former trainers. Chris constructed a training program that quickly thrust me into the best shape of my life, not just on a physical level, but also a mental level. His motivation and passion for health and fitness are contagious. Every workout he produces is creative and highly effective; no two workouts are alike, all effort toward making you better than you were the day before.

If you're looking for more than a trainer, look no further. The transformation starts here and will undoubtedly change your life forever.

Dr. Evan Berg DO

Training with Chris is one of the best fitness decisions I have ever made. Over the past two Mass Gain programs, I have added 60 lbs to my deadlift, 50 lbs to my bench, 40 lbs to my back squat, and 25 lbs to my military press. The workouts at the gym are varied and never get boring, they satisfy any strength training or aerobic craving you may have. For those of you new to weightlifting or exercising, he walks you through every step and helps you become comfortable with the equipment. Most importantly though, when you train with Chris you aren't just another face. He truly cares about your experience and is as much a friend as a coach. If you are putting in the time and energy to improve yourself, he will match you every step of the way.